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Saturday, July 23rd, 2005
6:13 pm
Wow, this community is dead.
I guess it's just like this island, huh!?


Where's all the entertainment? =/
Monday, June 13th, 2005
2:22 pm
Hey yall!

I'm moving to the good old rock. I've lived there previously for 6 months, and I'm coming back. WATCH OUT! =P

I'll be living with Normy and Prickey .. so much fun!

It's a shame they don't have a flight straight from Pittsburgh to the IOM airport. Oh, never mind .. the plane probably wouldn't even fit on the damn island, huh? So sad.

Well, I'll be sure to post frequently in here, since I wont have anything better to do with my time.

7:19 pm
Howdy Isle of Man crew!

How are we all? Well I'm Claire, I thought I'd introduce myself, I'm coming to stay with Normy in the IOM during the summer, really can't wait!

I've been there before.
I can't remember much, I remember the little arcade thing that you guys had, that totally robbed my money. Oh and there was a rave. Also, an Ann Summers!!

Anyway *waves* glad to meet you all.

Bye bye now
Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
11:18 am
So, I thought I should probably do my job as moderator and introduce myself. I'm Heather, and I'm from the Isle of Man, currently studying in the US. I go back every few months to visit my family. My father is Manx, my mother English, so I suppose I'm only really half Manx, but I was born on the Island and consider myself totally Manx.
I remember reading the Manx fairy tales when I was little - I once found a website with some of them on it, but I haven't been able to locate it since. I love the names of the creatures - Glashin, Moddhey Dhoo, Phynoderee, Buggane.
The magician would probably be Mannanan, who supposedly lived on top of the highest mountain (Snaefell) and cast a fog around the Island when enemies approached. If they actually landed he would turn himself into a flaming wheel and roll down the mountainside to scare them away.
It would be really cool to hear what connection you all have to the Isle of Man.
Thursday, November 11th, 2004
9:04 pm
I'm lisa {{waves!}}

I just noticed that there finally is an Isle of Man community. Verrry cool!

Half of my ancestry on my fathers side are Manx.

I've always been interested in the folklore of the Island, but have had to pretty much do some
of my own research due to the fact that I was too young to remember much of my
conversations with my Manx Aunt. (Who used to love telling story's to scare the crap out of the kids!)

I remember reading a story about a magician who inhabitated the Island.

Kool story, just can't seem to find it on the internet again.

Look forward to future posts here. (Especially if anyone has any info on Manx folklore:)

Castle pic (peel)

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